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Cipriani Building
Briar Hill Sandstone
28′ x 14′ x 2′
Reproduction of 1923 Original
Master Carver and Artist Dale Johnson accepting commissions of all kinds.
Hand Carved Limestone Fireplaces, Fountains, Entries, Sculpture, School Mascots, Furniture

Hello. Welcome. Please look around the site and explore the portfolio; there is a lot to look through. I hope you enjoy the journey! I am Dale Johnson, and this is my attempt to share with you who I am and what I do. I am an artist, in the old style sense of the word- I make stuff in exchange for food and a place to live, a way to raise my kids without embarrassing them too much, and a way to water the creative river I inhabit. This site is going to be undergoing continual revision over the next year or so, as I attempt to create and update my web site, myself, from my own archives. I am definitely not a tech head, so I hope you find my struggles to finish the site charming, and not annoyingly incompetent. I am two businesses in one- I am a professional and trained stone carver, and I am a fully functioning independent artist in addition and as a result. I intend this site to share and showcase both sides of myself… and eventually I will figure out how to share with you the four cd’s of original music myself and my bandmates have managed to record as well. I intend for the work to speak for itself… for now… but I am going to be coming back and sharing personal stories about each of the projects, and sharing stories about who did what. This work is me and several assistants over many years- the credit will be theirs too, when I figure out how to share it. In the meantime, please enjoy the work I have had the pleasure to make and be a part of over the last two decades. I can be reached by email at>, or by phone at (614) 578-2176. Thanks for looking, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Dale Johnson carving a capital for the Cipriani Ballroom Entryway, shown on this page (this capital is the second from the left).