Dale Johnson Mascots and Schools

Butler University Memorial Columbarium

Butler Memorial Bulldog

This is a photo of Blue, Butler University’s mascot. Butler has been a champion basketball team for generations, and I have had the honor of doing several projects for the university. The latest was a columbarium to hold the ashes of all past and future mascots. I was commissioned to do a sculpture for the […]

Adrian College Bulldog

Adrian University Bulldog
Indiana Limestone
5' x 4' x 3'

Go Adrian Bulldogs! Snarl and all that. I love that my work is part of so many young people’s lives. I have work in several schools. I would like to have my work in more. It seems important to have handmade work in the presence of youth. I am not limited to bulldogs. Contact me […]

Alpha Phi Alpha Obelisk, Hale Hall, Ohio State University

The obelisk was moved to it's permanent home outside the entry to the new Black Studies building at Ohio State University

One of the highlights of my carer thus far. Working with these guys to get this done was an honor.   It would be a storyteller’s fantasy to describe bringing this 1,900 pound obelisk in and standing it up, three inches shy of the ceiling. It was protected and padded, but moving this kind of […]

Hanover Panthers

Hanover Panthers
Indiana Limestone
Life Size
Hanover University, Indiana

These panthers, one called “Life of the Mind” and one called “Life of the Body”, had to be removed from their original outdoor location due to vandalism. This shot is taken in their present location. The concept and overall design are by Dale Johnson, but the models and carving were done by Matthew Palmer during […]

Butler University Atherton Union Building Expansion

Indiana Limestone

Originally built just after World War Two, the Atherton Union was originally ornamented with a series of carvings similar to these, which were commissioned when the building we remodeled in the mid-1990’s. I designed and myself and the crew carved an additional eighteen decorative panels for the new addition. Each one was different, but also […]

Butler University Book


Ive been part of the Butler University campus since 2006, and have done several projects with the campus. To Butler students and faculty… Thank you.

Jackson Dragon

Indiana Limestone
Carved by Matthew Palmer in association with Old World Stone Carving.

This playful dragon and leprechaun nestled into their forest home with great reluctance. Somewhere are the photos of the stuck forklift, the winches and chains, the attempts to no need a helicopter to save the day. Oh, the diabolical plot. Oh, the misunderstanding. Listen buddy, if you think you can discuss the details of a […]

Crown Point High School Bulldog

Indiana Limestone

Theis bulldog was commissioned by Crown {oint High School, and I tried to make the bulldog young and feisty. A little bulldog attitude. I love school mascot pieces! This shot of the football player checking out the new mascot is priceless

Lapel High School Bulldog

Lapel High School Bulldog
Indiana Limestone, Granite
5' x 5' x 5'

This big dog was at the max that I could unload when I brought the block home; 6,000 pounds. I almost had to roll it off the truck. Thankfully, a block gets lighter as it becomes a caqrving, so there you go. No problem. This shot was taken during the construction of the school. I […]