Kansas Limestone, Chiselled Pyrex Glass, Cast Bronze, Cast Stainless Steel, Clockworks
84" x 22" x 16"

My brother Dan, has long supported my work He has several of my paintings and a sculpture, and he commissioned this clock. He collects clocks, and he wanted a working stone grandfather clock. I had a blast with this. When I figure out how to share sound on a web site I’ll put up a […]

Havens Table

Installation Shot

  “Design me a table fit for the Devil’s kitchen, with a Cole Porter accent”, said the client. “If you can do it I’ll buy it”. Here it is. Getting it though the front door was a major effort. It is a 7′ square tp, 4″ thick, and the door was just over big enough […]


Original Design by Dale Johnson
Bronze, Copper, Walnut, Patina
96" x 28" x 32"

As I recall, Dave Oliver did the wood armature, and it was either Jack Oliver or Chistina Wolfe that did the patina. I did the wood carving and designed it.¬† It is in my living room to this day. I wanted to have buffalo skin cushions made custom, but the estimate was more than I […]

Shamansky Table

Marble, Chiselled Pyrex Glass, Bronze, Brazilian Rosewood
7' x 7' x 31"

Everything about this table comes apart. It is a giant jigsaw puzzle. The pieces are are labeled, and only fit one way. But they all fit perfectly. Thanks Team! The glass edges have been carved back into “tabs” that fit into the bronze corners. The X-braces bolt together in the center; the flat tops of […]

Edwards Coffee Table

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Walnut, Chiselled Pyrex Glass, Bronze, Copper

This coffee table was my first commission from this client. We’ve done many projects since, but I’ve always liked this table. The glass fits over a tab cut from the walnut, and the bronze fits over the glass. Tricky fit. The stumps were first cut to length, then chiselled, then torched, buffed, and waxed. Here […]

Shear Glass Top Table

Indiana Limestone
30" x 16" x 16"

I always envision the Great Gatsby when I am here. All the details are attentively addressed, with exquisite detail. Many projects into our many year relationship, I only value his talent more every year. And I am grateful that he values mine, too. May the table always remain level, and seat as many as need […]

George Bowl

Marble, Bronze
32" x 12" x 12"

Rosa Levanto marble, hand polished, cast bronze handles. Yeah. Oooh… What do you do with a bowl like that? Buy another? I wish…

Anniversery Bench

Granite, Marble, Stainless Steel

My first commission in Ohio… my first commission, period. I had little clue, as in none. I need to check in and see how it’s doing. It was an anniversary gift.

Stonehenge Receptionist Desk

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Granite, Bronze, Glass

I love this massive design, but when the client called me to move it to his upstairs office (no elevator), I managed to find fault with it.

Coffee Table

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Bronze, Copper, Walnut, Patina, Sandstone, Chiseled Pyrex, Steel
40" x 59 1'2" x 21"

I trained new assistants how to do the commercial metal work by designing furniture for my house using scraps and pieces from projects that were commissioned. This table has taken residence on my back porch for years. Right now it has a family of kittens under it. Over the years the tp has taken a […]

Hall Table (Version One)

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Mahogany, Copper, Bronze, Holly Wood, Marble
7' x 42" x 18"

Early on in my career I tried hard to combine what I did for money and what I wanted to do, in a design sense… this piece is classic. The main arched piece was assembled to raise a stone arch in a garden. I flipped it over when we were done with it and clad […]

Coffee Table With Glass Top

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Bronze, Copper, Glass
70" x 32 1/2" x 20"

Yes, the glass is not thin. It’s 1″ thick. Very heavy. The bronze sheet over the wood armature allows for a great deal of creative expression. Playing with weight and gravitational expectations is fun too. I wonder what this thick-walled bronze pipe was originally made for. It’s hard to see in any of these pics, […]

Copper Coffee Table

Copper over Wood

This very cool coffee table was commissioned to go over a stylized fish-motif area rug. I wish I had a photo of it in place. Alas! We trimmed each leg in copper upholstery nails, and gave each leg a light buffing with scrub pads for a soft look. Furniture is always a pleasure to make.

Davenport Coffee Table

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Bronze, Copper, Patina, Carved Indiana Limestone
50" x 36" x 18"

This table was designed to be functional whether the base was used in this orientation or with the other side up. This way it is a great magazine rack too. This is a detail of the carving and texture of the limestone top. Hand-carved limestone table top? Gorgeous. A good friend bought this table, and […]

End Table

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Copper, Bronze, Walnut, Enamel
24" x 24" x 18"

Hand=hammered bronze legs, a walnut body, cast bronze handles with enameled ornament… a bronze top… I still love this end table, and it is still proudly in my living room. Want one like it?   This one was designed as a cd case. Now I keep my kids’ school pics in it. Living with art. […]

Korda Table

Korda Table
Original design by Dale Johnson
Kansas Limestone
6' x 2' x 32"

This table was on the docket when a newbie, Jason, came on. Jason was great, but at first he had what we laughingly called “pizza boy hands”. Took a while to toughen him up. I ordered the stone in for the legs of this table full length, not cut to size, so that Jason could […]

Gary Patio Set

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Kansas Limestone, Bronze, Copper, Patina, Glass

This outdoor table and bench set has aged well. Almost twenty years strong now. Materials that have been proven to withstand centuries, even used in a very contemporary way, maintain an agelessness that seems at peace with the seasons.

George Table

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Kansas Limestone, Walnut, Marble

This massive dining table rests on carved stone legs based on a Renaissance design. The walnut top has an inlaid marble border. This type of very specific carving is always a pleasure and a challenge. Mistakes are not welcome.

Hall Table (Version Two)

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Mahogany, Copper, Bronze, Holly Wood, Marble
8' x 42" x 22"

This piece is a reprise of another table, just rather beefed¬† up to fit it’s new location. The very white wood legs are Holly; the top, a single slab of Mahogany. Inlaid into the base is a marble receptacle for aromatic wildflowers. It has never been used.

Icarus Table

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Marble, Glass, Cast Bronze

This massive table was one of my first furniture commissions (note the corded phone!), and one of my first forays into carving marble. It’s still in use. I should go visit it and get more recent photos. Something about the glass top gave rise to the story of Icarus, and I was working closely with […]

Kanarick Table (Top)

Indiana Limestone
(base by others)

This table top sits on a cast base. I have to admit that whoever carved the original base was mighty well armed. The table top, being of natural stone and hand carved, not cast, manages to hold its own.

Palmer Bench

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Granite, Limestone, Stainless Steel

I made this bench as a Christmas present for my in law’s. Sporty people, they are. I was thinking of them in the design stage. It’s been years since I’ve seen this bench. I hear it is holding up well. All good.

Shear Table

Shear Table
Indiana Limestone
4'-6" diameter

This very traditional table base is hand carved in natural limestone, and will age in a most beautiful way, the way limestone does. Photographed here in my yard, thesolid proportions come through. No cast product can compare to a truly hand made one. Sometimes nothing less will do.