Dale Johnson Parks

Creekside Wall

Creekside Wall
Indiana Limestone, Steel
200' x 8'

Myself and my crew (including my son Dorian) spent almost two years building this park, on site, every day. We did all the stonework that isn’t at grade level and isn’t attached to a building. The walls we built with limestone quarry blocks are functional as well as unique. And the walls were far less […]

Whack, Whack, Patty Whack

Don't drop it....

Carved in commemoration of 9/11 during the first International Symposium held in the United States. A dog and a cat are fighting on the back of a tortoise, and a little girl is running away, her hands over her ears, frightened. The contractors hired to move the 25,000 pound piece did a great job. I […]

Creekside Mosaic Fountain

creekside mosaic 46

  James is doing the lowdown in this shot. This was a LOT of bending over, meticulously. Very fun and mesmerizing to do. The textured substrate made it a challenge. The finished mosaic, before the opening. Just over 45,000 tiles went into this- each one hand placed, and where necessary, hand cut to fit. Creekside […]

Creekside Water Wall

Creekside Water Wall
Indiana Limestone, Glass
48' x 10' x 10'

This civic fountain was a massive challenge to install. The joints are all 1/4″, and the glass is directly sandwiched between the stones. The tolerances were practically nonexistent. It was late Fall when we put this in, and quite cold, as I recall. It looks like we managed to get it done in time for […]

Creekside Bridge and Waterfall

Creekside Bridge and Waterfall
Sandstone, Ohio Limestone
48' span, appx. 20' tall

This bridge is part of a park I was able to help build and design. The blocks shown are the actual faces of nineteenth and early twentieth railroad bridge blocks, sawn off and applied like very thick tile to a solid poured concrete substructure. We hand chiseled the edges to make the pieces fit the […]

Creekside Plaza Fountain


This nine-sided fountain in Creekside Plaza was inspired by the glacial granite boulder we found during the excavation. I split the boulder in ha;f to make it moderately flat on the bottom, and then shaped the interior to be a black mosaic that became the boulder.     Well. I am disgusted with myself. I […]

Eble Bench Butler University

eble bench 8 big

This working sundial and bench was donated to the university by an architect, who designed the bench The bench later featured a bronze plaque of a drawing by Newton in the panel on the end. The bench and sundial base were both hand-carved by my son, Dorian. Nice job, Dorian!