Dale Johnson Parks

Creekside Wall

Creekside Wall
Indiana Limestone, Steel
200' x 8'

Myself and my crew (including my son Dorian) spent almost two years building this park, on site, every day. We did all the stonework that isn’t at grade level and isn’t attached to a building. The walls we built with limestone quarry blocks are functional as well as unique. And the walls were far less […]

Whack, Whack, Patty Whack

Don't drop it....

Carved in commemoration of 9/11 during the first International Symposium held in the United States. A dog and a cat are fighting on the back of a tortoise, and a little girl is running away, her hands over her ears, frightened. The contractors hired to move the 25,000 pound piece did a great job. I […]

Goodale Park Column

Rather concerned for a dog, but I guess dog's can be concerned about life , too.

This column in Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio, originally installed in 1899, has deteriorated badly. I have been commissioned by a Centennial Preservation Group to re-carve the heads. My proposal is to rebuild the missing parts with clay and then to re-carve new sandstone blocks to match the clay. The gate and column were a […]

Creekside Mosaic Fountain

creekside mosaic 46

  James is doing the lowdown in this shot. This was a LOT of bending over, meticulously. Very fun and mesmerizing to do. The textured substrate made it a challenge. The finished mosaic, before the opening. Just over 45,000 tiles went into this- each one hand placed, and where necessary, hand cut to fit. Creekside […]

Comfest Sculpture

This was Ashley's idea, and several of us made it. Thanks Comfest!

Comfest is a big deal in Columbus, Ohio. Each summer volunteers put on three days of music, activist opportunities, and fun. Last year the organizers decided to add sculpture and asked me to participate. I had these pieces left over from roughing out an earlier piece, and drilled them and glued in steel pins on […]

Easton Dog Clownfish

Easton Dog Clownfish
Indiana Limestone

Another of the Easton Children’s Fountain pieces. this is my Basset Hound discovering that his tail has been taken over by the Magic Clownfish above. The Magic Clownfish laughs and laughs, and the Basset just gets more and more flustered. Oh my, it’s all so fun!

United Traveler’s Monument Moving to Goodale Park

United Travelers Monument Moving to Goodale Park
Carved in 1906
Catalogued by the Smithsonian
Don't break it, bubba
14' tall

This was originally located where it is now- this post is me in charge of moving this historic monument across Park Street and back to its original location in Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio. It had been moved across the street at some point in the past for reasons I don’t know, and when Ron […]

Easton Ladybugs

Indiana Limestone, Bronze

The school marm worm in the apple seems to have had her fill of the students today. No matter how studious the teacher’s pet. Man, I loved an all day sucker when I was a kid. And I loved having fun creating this preschool for the kids. These were there for several years. Hundreds of […]

First Responders Memorial

Cast and Fabricated Stainless Steel, Granite

I was commissioned to create the focal sculpture for an Ohio park dedicated to our nation’s fallen First Responders. I created hundreds of different images of people doing very ordinary things; all of the poses are the sorts of things we all do every day, from walking the dog to playing a trumpet. I wanted […]