Architectural Work

Goodale Park Column

Rather concerned for a dog, but I guess dog's can be concerned about life , too.

This column in Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio, originally installed in 1899, has deteriorated badly. I have been commissioned by a Centennial Preservation Group to re-carve the heads. My proposal is to rebuild the missing parts with clay and then to re-carve new sandstone blocks to match the clay. The gate and column were a […]

Comfest Sculpture

This was Ashley's idea, and several of us made it. Thanks Comfest!

Comfest is a big deal in Columbus, Ohio. Each summer volunteers put on three days of music, activist opportunities, and fun. Last year the organizers decided to add sculpture and asked me to participate. I had these pieces left over from roughing out an earlier piece, and drilled them and glued in steel pins on […]


Chomp Chomp!

  There was something about carving this large apple core that I found relaxing. It was an unusually enjoyable job.   The original model, enlarged 1000% and carved in stone, with a forged steel stem and leaf. Very cool commission. My favorite 1/4″ chisel doing it’s thing on the rough out, right behind Mr. Grinder […]

Joe Fireplace

Test fit over and over

My son Dorian, on the left, and his pal (and mine) Zack, shortly after major macho lifting and carrying up stairs action. Piece is in and looks great. I had the edges of a massisve slab cut off, and used them for the legs and header. From these edge cuts I took the legs and […]


amazing how strong stainless steel really is

Sandstone lips, slight smile, a bit sexy. Maryann and myself went the quarry and picked out the right block. Maryann wants a lips sculpture, and I have suggested a burgundy sandstone. We had a good time going to the quarry in northeast Ohio, through Amish country. It was a beautiful Fall day. I carved a […]

Kelly Rosettes

Kelly flower for stone pillar

  Patterned after originals in Central Park, these rosettes were commissioned by a client with homes in Manhattan and in upper New York State. He commissioned these because he loved the originals in the park and he was having a dry-laid stone wall made for his home, and wanted to customize the posts.   This […]

Shafer Hood

Wood, Steel, Patina
48" x 36" x 18"

This beautiful hood was patterned on the Winery doors I did earlier (shown elsewhere on this site). Here it is shown finished, at home, in its new home in New Jersey. This decorative hood covers a functional one (made by others). The designer had specified some terrific hardware and lighting, and wanted a hood that […]

Virginia 1905 Church Restoration

Briar Hill Sandstone

These were copied from the only original finial left on the tower. It was fun to work in this style. I had the block cut at the quarry on their diamond saw to establish the crocket height; the piece on the right is what I started with, and the one on the left has been […]

Dart Lions

Dart Lions 17

Mrs. Dart with the two lions she commissioned as a birthday present for her husband. She said that as they were moving in to their new house (built in the Twenties) he had said something like “if it had a couple lions on the pillars it would be perfect”, so fo years she looked but […]

Zarrow International School Fifth Grade Gift

Indiana Limestone
2 1/4" x 30" x 30"

My sister’s son’s fifth grade class wanted their class donation to the school to be a memorial to the school’s founder and patron. I flew to Tulsa to install it and meet the class, and spend some time with my nephews. The image was suggested by the class, and I sent a sketch for approval. […]

Butler University Memorial Columbarium

Butler Memorial Bulldog

This is a photo of Blue, Butler University’s mascot. Butler has been a champion basketball team for generations, and I have had the honor of doing several projects for the university. The latest was a columbarium to hold the ashes of all past and future mascots. I was commissioned to do a sculpture for the […]

Long Street Entry Canopy

Long Street Apartments

  Steel impersonating stained glass. My daughter Amber worked with templates and creativity to design the layout for the canopy. It was fun to have her in the shop. Although we had the wood burning stove cranking hot, it was still a very cold winter. Fun in the shop with Amber! The completed design, ready […]

Mythical Creatures

Indiana Limestone
7'-6" x 4'-6" x 12"
Lewis Center, Ohio
Delaware County Library System

A local resident left part of her estate to establish a children’s reading garden in the rapidly developing Delaware County Library System. I am honored to have been the first selected. I hope my work inspires young readers for generations to come. I thank the Delaware County Library for their complete gift of artistic freedom. […]

Weiss Entry

Weiss Entry
Kansas Limestone
Based on a design by Sir Edwin Lutyens
14" x 9'

This was one of my first commissions after going solo. The homeowner wanted the door a foot wider than Lutyens’ design, so I got to extend the carvings. This is what it feels like to stand on the landing and ring the doorbell. Including the steps, this entry is just under tewnty feet tall.  It’s […]

Mathur Fireplace

Mathur Fireplace 
Kansas Limestone, Pennsylvania Black Slate
6'-6" x 5'-4" x 30"

This enormous header required some extensive planning to install. Originally over three thousand pounds, I hollowed it out so that it was “only” 1200 pounds when we installed it. The header, seen before we installed it. I drilled a hole at exactly the balance point and passed a chain through so that it raised up […]

Unverferth Fireplace

Texas Cordova cream Limestone
6'-6" x 5'-6" x 14"


St. John’s Catholic Church Baptismal Font

St. John's Baptismal Font
5' x 30" x 37"

It is an honor and an obligation to make things that people are ritualistically attached to, especially such things that last for generations. It never goes unnoticed when I do this kind of work. This font was dedicated just before Christmas, 2013.  I am responsible for the granite basin and trough. The rest is the […]

Thanh Table

Thanh Table
Indiana Limestone
30" x 22" x 22"

This table is now in San Francisco. I am going to see if the designer has shots taken since the project was complete. The designer managed to find a 3/4″ thick glass top. I enjoy traditional challenges. A table base like this works both indoors and out. The lifting pins allow me to raise or […]

Hoyt-Criner Hood

hoyt-criner hood 16

Often functioning hoods are not aesthetically pleasing, and one good way of handling it is to wrap the functioning hood with a decorative one. The fan and duct work are all hidden behind the hammered brass and copper hood. Maintenance is simple, and copper and brass are known to last for thousands of years.

Karlsson Fireplace

Karlsson Fireplace
Mankato Limestone
Design by Erik Karlsson
Details carved by Dale Johnson
14' x 9' x 2'

This beautiful fireplace is another collaboration. It was designed by Erik, and he and his assistant Brett did the shaping and cutting, and I did the chisel work. Erik carved the mantle himself, and did a great job. He and Brett did the installation. This is a very hard limestone, and will last for hundreds […]

Shear Urns

Shear Planter

These limestone planters are hand carved to order; the client’s address is hand carved into the stone.   These carved stone urns feature a reproduction of the historic home’s street address, carved into the limestone entry. Part of the joy of being an artist that specializes in commissions is working with the client to make […]

First Responders Memorial

Cast and Fabricated Stainless Steel, Granite

I was commissioned to create the focal sculpture for an Ohio park dedicated to our nation’s fallen First Responders. I created hundreds of different images of people doing very ordinary things; all of the poses are the sorts of things we all do every day, from walking the dog to playing a trumpet. I wanted […]

Caroline Memorial

Kansas Limestone

This sculpture was commissioned as a gift by my daughter’s graduating class of 2012, Wellington School. It is in memory of a schoolmate that died of brain cancer when the students were in kindergarten. Caroline was a playful girl, and loved the outdoors. As a father, the honor was enormous. That class was full of […]

Tony Hinkle Bust

Bronze, Indiana Limestone

This bronze bust of the legendary Tony Hinkle stands in front of Butler University’s Hinkle Auditorium, one of the nation’s oldest and largest basketball courts. Old World has been part of several graduating class gifts. This one, in particular, stands out; Butler won the Final Four that year to become the number one college basketball […]