Statehouse Posts

There were eight of these little guys.

The originals had rotted away over the decades, and when the Statehouse was being rebuilt, the columns also needed to be remade. Man, this sandstone is a pain in the butt to carve. If I never do it again it will be too soon. BUT- it looks great, and it’s accurate to the original.   […]

Goodale Park Column

Rather concerned for a dog, but I guess dog's can be concerned about life , too.

This column in Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio, originally installed in 1899, has deteriorated badly. I have been commissioned by a Centennial Preservation Group to re-carve the heads. My proposal is to rebuild the missing parts with clay and then to re-carve new sandstone blocks to match the clay. The gate and column were a […]

Mallory Entry

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Indiana Limestone

The Homeowner and I began a long relationship with this Turret. He didn’t like the architect’s plans, and asked me to redesign the exterior using stone. I did, and from the sills below the windows to the finial, he accepted my design, including the copper roof (done by others). I worked with the architect to […]

Long Street Entry Canopy

Long Street Apartments

  Steel impersonating stained glass. My daughter Amber worked with templates and creativity to design the layout for the canopy. It was fun to have her in the shop. Although we had the wood burning stove cranking hot, it was still a very cold winter. Fun in the shop with Amber! The completed design, ready […]

W Hotel Manhattan

W Hotel Manhatan
Reproduction of originals 
5' x 3' x 2'

The keystone on the right was made by me and my crew, including Jack and Dave Oliver. We reproduced in granite the original keystone that had been chopped off the building to make way for the new owners’ sign sometime long ago, before respect for a granite keystone in New York had been protected. Jack […]

Bermuda Arches

Jack and Dale, doing the Bermuda thing.

  This crest features Gaelic lettering spelling “O’Brian”. The crest is capped by a mermaid. I wonder if it represents the homeowner’s immigration to Bermuda? We had a blast for three weeks installing and fabricating these arches. Bermuda is a wonderful place to visit. We worked very hard, but were treated very well, and the […]

Weiss Entry

Weiss Entry
Kansas Limestone
Based on a design by Sir Edwin Lutyens
14" x 9'

This was one of my first commissions after going solo. The homeowner wanted the door a foot wider than Lutyens’ design, so I got to extend the carvings. This is what it feels like to stand on the landing and ring the doorbell. Including the steps, this entry is just under tewnty feet tall.  It’s […]

Wiles Entry

Boy howdy those door maker wood dudes did beautiful job.

This piece has turned out to be the culmination of my architectural design career thus far. It still stands, and I am glad for that. I designed everything here, inside and out. I hope I get another challenge like this someday. Such a beautiful entry! I am grateful to have been part of it. And […]

Bowery Ballroom Entry

Bowery Savings Bank (now Cipriani Building)
14' x 28' x 2'
Briar Hill Sandstone
A reproduction of the 1923 original. Now a National Historic Landmark, Manhattan.

The original 1923 entry was removed to meet the requirements of the ADA act, and when the building’s owners wanted to sell it, it was required by law that they bring it up to standard, as it is a National Historic Landmark. Myself and fellow Guild member Nick Fairplay were given the job of reproducing […]

Dart Lions

Dart Lions 17

Mrs. Dart with the two lions she commissioned as a birthday present for her husband. She said that as they were moving in to their new house (built in the Twenties) he had said something like “if it had a couple lions on the pillars it would be perfect”, so fo years she looked but […]

Edwards Sliding Doors

Edwards Sliding Doors
Steel, Brass, Patina
9' x 9' x 4" (closed)

These sliding steel winery doors have been aging nicely in the California sun. Exposed sun requires a good deal of maintenance, but looks great. Completely hand made rollers, for that hand made look. When you hold this handle you know you have held a handle of note. This is the mission. I will have to […]

Mount Adams Grill Chef and Waitress

mt. adams bar and grill facade

These grotesques have aged well. Not far from the Cincinnati Art Museum in the Mt. Adams area, this pub is in a former Speakeasy. The owner is a character- one day it was so hot he and and Johnny Cash went and drove a tee into the road and hit golf balls down the hill. […]

Butler University Atherton Union Building Expansion

Indiana Limestone

Originally built just after World War Two, the Atherton Union was originally ornamented with a series of carvings similar to these, which were commissioned when the building we remodeled in the mid-1990’s. I designed and myself and the crew carved an additional eighteen decorative panels for the new addition. Each one was different, but also […]

Canton Entry

Canton Entry
Indiana Limestone
Designed by Dale Johnson and Matthew Palmer; carved by Matthew Palmer.

To have been able to do a project of this level, largely designed by me… what a privilege. For all involved. And to have been in charge of the installation? Stress, but also ADRENILINE. Awesome fun!   I have always hated crappy handrails. This homeowner had me do a bronze one, and it turned out […]

Canton Window

Canton Window
Indiana Limestone

This pediment window piece completes the front facade of this beautiful home. One of the best collaborations between Matthew and myself during his nine years of employment with Old World before going solo.   Tabs were carved out so that they stuck out of the back, and this allowed the pieces to be installed after […]

COSI Capitals

The resoration of COSI' capitals.

What a blast this job was! The capitals on these columns were deteriorating horribly, falling apart, crumbling. Myself and my helper Jack Oliver cut off all the rotten stone, and epoxied and pinned on new stone, and re-carved the new stone to match the old. These capitals are nine feet across. The coolest thing is […]

Creekside Condominium Entry

Creekside Condominiums Entry
Original design by Dale Johnson
Kansas Limestone, Steel Armature
75' x 28' x 14'

The main structure of this large entry had been decided during the foundational phase, before I was brought it. I had a concrete structure to clad, given dimensions, and a great deal of freedom to be creative on a budget. The large entry is to a parking garage. The corner entry is to a luxury […]

Thomas Entry

Thomas Entry

This window is a lot bigger up close than it is seen from the street. And when one is in a telescoping lift on a windy day… memorable. An out of town job, I have not been back to take good photographs, but even so, the work is its own best spokesman anyway.   The […]

IGS Headquarters Focal Wall

IGS Headquarters Focal Wall
48' x 30' x 10'
Four different thin veneer stones
Concrete backer board, mortar,screws

Painting with rocks. This large stairway and elevator shaft got the full treatment. Each of these stones was hand shaped to fit the sculpted substrate. The theme began as an image of geology raised into the building, but the clients soon gave me freedom to interpret that theme in any way I chose. I was […]

Shear Entry

Indiana Limestone
13' x 6' x 18"

This entry is on a home from the late teens of France, and reflects the attention to detail of the period in the font, which is by the original architect of the home. The world needs people with exceptionally discerning taste… and Mr. Shear is one of them. Thanks for the support over the years, […]

St. Brigid’s Church

Indiana Limestone
Original design by Dale Johnson
8' x 4' x 4"

This portrait of St. Brigid is one of many projects I have carved for this church. Over the front door of the chapel is St. Brigid, surrounded by oak branches and leaves, a bible, and her scepter. It’s been a while, so I may be mistaken, but  think I did eight of these Celtic knot […]

Thomas Window

Thomas Window
Indiana Limestone
Designed by Dale Johnson, carved by Matthew Palmer

This pediment window is just over 11′ long. This is a very large home, and this is the attic over the second floor. I love that this client had the vision to let us get creative with the details. Collaborations are the heart and soul of good residential architecture.

Willet Entry

Willet Entry
Indiana Limestone
17' x 11' x 5'

This stone house is the real deal, and the masons did a great job. I need to get back there and get a final shot, but you get the idea. An arched stone conical ceiling is a major trick to install, so I decided to do this one in one piece. I was thelift operator […]

Dioun Front Door

Dioun Front Door
Kansas Limestone

This pediment is epoxied as one piece and awaits installation. As the guy in charge I never remember to take pictures. It was a thrill to see the plan come together and fall into place. Gluing it all together in the shop gave me a great deal of control over the accuracy of the fit […]