St. Brigid’s Church

Indiana Limestone
Original design by Dale Johnson
8' x 4' x 4"

This portrait of St. Brigid is one of many projects I have carved for this church. Over the front door of the chapel is St. Brigid, surrounded by oak branches and leaves, a bible, and her scepter. It’s been a while, so I may be mistaken, but  think I did eight of these Celtic knot […]

St. John’s Lutheran Church Baptismal Font

Designed by architect Phil Markwood
Granite, Polished Bronze, Brazilian Rosewood

We rolled this piece in on plywood on dowels, Egyptian style, as no lift capable of lifting this could fit through the door. I traveled to my home state of South Dakota, home of one of the largest granite quarries in the world, to pick the block for this font personally. The rose window behind […]

Virginia 1905 Church Restoration

Briar Hill Sandstone

These were copied from the only original finial left on the tower. It was fun to work in this style. I had the block cut at the quarry on their diamond saw to establish the crocket height; the piece on the right is what I started with, and the one on the left has been […]

Papal Crest

Indiana Limestone

Showing process shots is always a fun thing. Here you can see a crest being carved. We did two of these; one for the front and one for the back. This was for an area church. Jack Oliver and I installed it, not by choice on a windy day. The telescoping lift was extended as […]

St. John’s Catholic Church Baptismal Font

St. John's Baptismal Font
5' x 30" x 37"

It is an honor and an obligation to make things that people are ritualistically attached to, especially such things that last for generations. It never goes unnoticed when I do this kind of work. This font was dedicated just before Christmas, 2013.  I am responsible for the granite basin and trough. The rest is the […]

Markwood Candle Holders

Designed by architect Phil Markwood
Bronze and Cherry Wood

These candle holders have a heft that augments their seriousness of intent. They separate at the base to allow for portability. Communal ownership of high craft is an important thing, and one of the reasons I like to work for churches. Even though these are heavy and made of wood and metal, there is a […]

Wellhead Cover

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Indiana Limestone

The owner of this beautiful country home had un sightly meter and pump on his propoerty. It needed to be accessible, but only very rarely. This cover was our solution.