First Responders Memorial

Cast and Fabricated Stainless Steel, Granite

I was commissioned to create the focal sculpture for an Ohio park dedicated to our nation’s fallen First Responders. I created hundreds of different images of people doing very ordinary things; all of the poses are the sorts of things we all do every day, from walking the dog to playing a trumpet. I wanted […]

Lombardi Fountains

Original concept by Dale Johnson
Carved by Matthew Palmer while he was with Old world stone Carving.
Kansas Limestone, Copper

How cool is that? Dionyses as a child peeing in the pool. Content is everything.   The coolest ppol is in the room. Back off. Ok, yes, the pineapples on the pier caps too… yes   Oh holy crap what a cool project! Still floored that our crossing resulted in this.   T^The doctor is […]

Creekside Water Wall

Creekside Water Wall
Indiana Limestone, Glass
48' x 10' x 10'

This civic fountain was a massive challenge to install. The joints are all 1/4″, and the glass is directly sandwiched between the stones. The tolerances were practically nonexistent. It was late Fall when we put this in, and quite cold, as I recall. It looks like we managed to get it done in time for […]

Creekside Plaza Fountain


This nine-sided fountain in Creekside Plaza was inspired by the glacial granite boulder we found during the excavation. I split the boulder in ha;f to make it moderately flat on the bottom, and then shaped the interior to be a black mosaic that became the boulder.     Well. I am disgusted with myself. I […]

Lucks Fountain

Indiana Limestone
(work in progress)

Days after this fountain was delivered and installed the client’s daughter was married here. They were setting up the tent as I was delivering the fountain. On time. And I’m sure a beautiful wedding was had by all. Work in progress. A friend saw this shot and asked what the hair spray is for. It […]

Creekside Bridge and Waterfall

Creekside Bridge and Waterfall
Sandstone, Ohio Limestone
48' span, appx. 20' tall

This bridge is part of a park I was able to help build and design. The blocks shown are the actual faces of nineteenth and early twentieth railroad bridge blocks, sawn off and applied like very thick tile to a solid poured concrete substructure. We hand chiseled the edges to make the pieces fit the […]

Lurie Fountain

Lurie Fountain
Designed by Dale Johnson
9' x 3' x 2'
Granite, River Rock, Bronze, Bluestone

This sheet fountain (look closely) flows uninterrupted over the six feet of it’s lier. The level of the lier has to be perfect for this to work. Here the water flows into a trough under the fountain and is recycled. When the wind blows,the water sheet is blown as well. This kind of fountain, blended […]

Thurber Garden

Thurber Garden Magazine

This was one of my first public projects. It is still in operation, almost twenty years later. the water flows out of the book and across the split boulder, and disappears. The boulder is suspended on a stainless steel grate that holds the gravel at grade level. This Thurber Dog facing down a butterfly is […]

Fallon Fountain

Original design by Dale Johnson
Indiana Limestone, Copper

This classic Green Man-style fountain is based on the client’s own face. I took photos, and the client came after the clay model was almost complete for a final sitting. I did my best to get all the channels the exact same depth in the studio, and then filed them to their final depth on […]

St. John’s Catholic Church Baptismal Font

St. John's Baptismal Font
5' x 30" x 37"

It is an honor and an obligation to make things that people are ritualistically attached to, especially such things that last for generations. It never goes unnoticed when I do this kind of work. This font was dedicated just before Christmas, 2013.  I am responsible for the granite basin and trough. The rest is the […]

Gay Street Fountains

Gay Street Fountains
Original design by Dale Johnson
Kansas Limestone, Cast Steel
12' x 12' x 7'

This fountain was patterned after a French original. We hand-textured and cut the blocks, and the spouts were each hand made in wax and then cast in steel. They will leave rust stains on the tower. I’ll photograph it in the spring when it’s running. Gay Street Fountains Kansas Limestone, Cast Steel 12′ x 12′ […]

Creekside Mosaic Fountain

creekside mosaic 46

  James is doing the lowdown in this shot. This was a LOT of bending over, meticulously. Very fun and mesmerizing to do. The textured substrate made it a challenge. The finished mosaic, before the opening. Just over 45,000 tiles went into this- each one hand placed, and where necessary, hand cut to fit. Creekside […]

Wexner Fountain

Kansas Limestone

One of my first projects after moving to Ohio. I had  no idea who this guy was. There are fifteen pieces in this fountain. It was laid out with 1/4 joints, fifteen pieces. Fifteen pieces to make a circle? But tes, no problem. Entirely hand made. 1/4″ joints. Fifteen piece circular fountain coping. You’ve seen […]

Creekside Wall

Creekside Wall
Indiana Limestone, Steel
200' x 8'

Myself and my crew (including my son Dorian) spent almost two years building this park, on site, every day. We did all the stonework that isn’t at grade level and isn’t attached to a building. The walls we built with limestone quarry blocks are functional as well as unique. And the walls were far less […]

Shear Fountain

Shear Fountain
Indiana Limestone

This fountain is only part of this beautiful garden and yard. There is also a table, planters, an entry… a decade’s worth of effort. Aging limestone is a difficult request, but having done it for a long time, I’ve learned a few things. Texture is everything.

George Fountain

Indiana Limestone

This cherub was one of Matthew Palmer’s first figurative works. Matthew has since gone on to many public works. Getting the dolphins to properly spit into the basin was a labor of love. Tricky. Water spilled from this amphora as we as from everywhere else. Fancy fountain. When babes deliver the wine… oh no, oh […]

Healy Fountain

Original Design by Dale Johnson 
Steel, Bronze, Limestone

This fountain shell is an actual trough from medieval France. We just figured out the cool way to get water into it. A mighty cool fountain emitter for a centuries old marble trough. Cool garden I wonder how it looks now?  

Jessee Fountain

Indiana Limestone
30" x 30" x 3'

There was a time when unique meant unique. One of a kind. Only this one. And this is one of those.

Kirkpatrick Fountain

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Indiana Limestone, Copper

This kind of sheet fountain is very tricky to get right- but gorgeous. Best in a situation like this, isolated from the wind. The brick wall is not a good choice this close to water. Beautiful, but I caution against it.

Fisher Fountain

Indiana Limestone, Terra Cotta

The client had purchased the terra cotta cartouche separately and we designed the fountain around it. I never returned to get finished photos.  I’ll have to swing by and see how it looks.

Lang Fountain

Indiana Limestone

Another of my first stone carvings. This was done for Ameriflora in the early ’90’s. Boy, we’ve all come a long way since then. A temporary summer installation, and I share it here as an example of what not to do.

Marble Cliff Fountain

Indiana Limestone

I haven’t been by this fountain in several years- I hope all is well with it. One of my first public pieces. An unbroken sheet is a major challenge, especially one this big. Wind is everything.

Niermeijer Fountain

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Indiana Limestone
12' x 7' x 3'

This private patio fountain was designed to be very quiet, a welcome participant of patio dinner parties in a city environment. The large benches on each end have lift-off tops, and contain the hardware for the fountain. Since this photo the basin has been lined in copper, a much better and time-proven material in a […]

Shell Fountain

Indiana Limestone

This simple but effective shell fountain is no doubt better looking with water in it, but I never got back to take shots of it running. That was years ago, and now I can’t remember where it is. The first shot doesn’t reveal that the underside is carved too. I bet this fountain is beautiful […]