Dart Lions

Dart Lions 17

Mrs. Dart with the two lions she commissioned as a birthday present for her husband. She said that as they were moving in to their new house (built in the Twenties) he had said something like “if it had a couple lions on the pillars it would be perfect”, so fo years she looked but […]


amazing how strong stainless steel really is

Sandstone lips, slight smile, a bit sexy. Maryann and myself went the quarry and picked out the right block. Maryann wants a lips sculpture, and I have suggested a burgundy sandstone. We had a good time going to the quarry in northeast Ohio, through Amish country. It was a beautiful Fall day. I carved a […]


Chomp Chomp!

  There was something about carving this large apple core that I found relaxing. It was an unusually enjoyable job.   The original model, enlarged 1000% and carved in stone, with a forged steel stem and leaf. Very cool commission. My favorite 1/4″ chisel doing it’s thing on the rough out, right behind Mr. Grinder […]

Bruck Address Stone


This playful address stone was carved from an old railroad bridge block by myself and Matthew Palmer. The client eventually moved, and I re-carved the scroll to his new address.

Lombardi Pool Gate

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Kansas Limestone

These impressive pineapples ring a beautiful swimming pool. The pineapple is a traditional symbol of bounty and welcome. We did eight of these for this pool. Details like this add the craftsman’s touch to even the most stately of homes.  

Kelly Rosettes

Kelly flower for stone pillar

  Patterned after originals in Central Park, these rosettes were commissioned by a client with homes in Manhattan and in upper New York State. He commissioned these because he loved the originals in the park and he was having a dry-laid stone wall made for his home, and wanted to customize the posts.   This […]

Lombardi Herms

Kansas Limestone

This fantastic project consists of four fountains and four Herms. The Herms are based on the adult versions of four of the Greek Gods. The fountains are cherubic versions of the same Gods (look for Lombardi Fountains in the Fountains category). This is Apollo. Dionysus. God of wine, and a bit randy. Matthew Palmer carved […]

Granite Ring

Granite Ring
Granite, Steel, Nature
20' x 20' x 4'

These granite end cuts were more or less gifted to me by my former employer. He had asked me if he could store them on my old property, and when we moved, I warned him that if I had to move the slabs they would be mine. This raised garden is the result, and has […]

Shear Urns

Shear Planter

These limestone planters are hand carved to order; the client’s address is hand carved into the stone.   These carved stone urns feature a reproduction of the historic home’s street address, carved into the limestone entry. Part of the joy of being an artist that specializes in commissions is working with the client to make […]

Gemeinhardt Garden Gate

Gemeinhardt Garden Gate
Indiana Limestone
Brickwork by others

This stone garden gate was a challenge to install. The upper is actually hollow, and holding all those stones in place until the mortar set was a hoot. Still… what a cool arch to pass through on the way into the garden!   Gemeinhardt Garden Gate Indiana Limestone Brickwork by others I would like to […]

Comfest Sculpture

This was Ashley's idea, and several of us made it. Thanks Comfest!

Comfest is a big deal in Columbus, Ohio. Each summer volunteers put on three days of music, activist opportunities, and fun. Last year the organizers decided to add sculpture and asked me to participate. I had these pieces left over from roughing out an earlier piece, and drilled them and glued in steel pins on […]

Anniversery Bench

Granite, Marble, Stainless Steel

My first commission in Ohio… my first commission, period. I had little clue, as in none. I need to check in and see how it’s doing. It was an anniversary gift.

Zipper Bench

Indiana Limestone

Outside the Blind Lemon in Cincinnati. Make sense?   I’ve been told that Johnny Cash sat on this bench. How cool is that? Having fun with ideas…  

Wise Urn

Wise Urn 2

This large urn was a joy to carve. I figured out that I could epoxy pins in the raw blank so long as the hole didn’t reach the finished piece. While this was being carved the epoxied in pins on each side acted like an axle and I could rotate the piece at will. I […]

Bermuda Frog

Texas Cordova Cream Limestone

After two weeks installing the arches on this amazing Bermuda home I had the better part of a day to kill before the plane left for home, so I carved this frog for the homeowner’s kids. Not every contractor tips his client- but this one deserved it. Thanks for a great couple weeks in paradise!


Indiana Limestone
4' x 2' x 2'

                                                          A friend of mine and his wife adopted a son, and after a nearly fatal accident, commissioned this piece. Spencer loved Maurice Sendak’s “Where The Wild […]

Brookside Woods Neighborhood Marker

Ohio Limestone, Paint

Stone neighborhood marker signs are a quick and efficient way to spruce up a corner.

Jackson Dragon

Indiana Limestone
Carved by Matthew Palmer in association with Old World Stone Carving.

This playful dragon and leprechaun nestled into their forest home with great reluctance. Somewhere are the photos of the stuck forklift, the winches and chains, the attempts to no need a helicopter to save the day. Oh, the diabolical plot. Oh, the misunderstanding. Listen buddy, if you think you can discuss the details of a […]

Lombardi Urns (Back)

Kansas Limestone

These limestone urns are each unique on close inspection. They are based on the concept of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, and the handles reveal the distinctions. This is one of the Air handles. This is the handle on the other side of Air. Water, brilliantly carved by Matthew Palmer. I included this extra shot […]

Lombardi Urns (Front)

Kansas Limestone

These formal urns are based on a Greek original, but are unique and personal to the owners. Each Happy little gargoyle says “good morning” to the home every day. Except the grumpy one. Fun and having fun are a huge part of the commissioning process. Have fun with the process! Nestled in among the leaves, […]

Abe Head

Abe Head
Tesas Leuders Limestone
18" x 12" x 12"

I have always enjoyed making heads, just for fun and relaxation. This one was done during a conference as an exhibition, so it was lots of carve a little, chat a little, carve a little, chat a little. When it was finished It kind of looked like Abe Lincoln. It was purchased at the end […]

Mallory Grandkids

Kansas Limestone

This wonderful project began when the clients purchased my donated services in a silent charity auction, and the idea we came up with was a life size sculpture of each grandkid when they turned five years old. Each grandkid got to choose their own subject and pose. The grandmother got to choose a brief text […]

Mallory Planter

Indiana Limestone

I have done many projects with this couple, and we are still friends. This one was an anniversary gift from the husband to the wife, who is a fantastic gardener. I love that she keeps it so lush.   In the background is the original log cabin, which was moved and rebuilt after the house […]

Swanson Bench

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Indiana Limestone, Granite

Over the years I’ve donated many times to charities. My favorite cause is children’s literacy.This client bought my services in a live auction, and this bench is what we came up with.