Shafer Hood

Wood, Steel, Patina
48" x 36" x 18"

This beautiful hood was patterned on the Winery doors I did earlier (shown elsewhere on this site). Here it is shown finished, at home, in its new home in New Jersey. This decorative hood covers a functional one (made by others). The designer had specified some terrific hardware and lighting, and wanted a hood that […]

Mitchel Island

Brass, Copper, Patina

Making my custom hammered bronze, brass, and copper counter tops is always a welcome change of pace from my stone work. I enjoy both, and both are valuable parts of my existence. Thanks in advance for ordering one. The material will outlast any of our great grandchildren, and is easy to maintain. The proof goes […]


Original Design by Dale Johnson
Bronze, Copper, Walnut, Patina
96" x 28" x 32"

As I recall, Dave Oliver did the wood armature, and it was either Jack Oliver or Chistina Wolfe that did the patina. I did the wood carving and designed it.  It is in my living room to this day. I wanted to have buffalo skin cushions made custom, but the estimate was more than I […]

Butler University Memorial Columbarium

Butler Memorial Bulldog

This is a photo of Blue, Butler University’s mascot. Butler has been a champion basketball team for generations, and I have had the honor of doing several projects for the university. The latest was a columbarium to hold the ashes of all past and future mascots. I was commissioned to do a sculpture for the […]

Tony Hinkle Bust

Bronze, Indiana Limestone

This bronze bust of the legendary Tony Hinkle stands in front of Butler University’s Hinkle Auditorium, one of the nation’s oldest and largest basketball courts. Old World has been part of several graduating class gifts. This one, in particular, stands out; Butler won the Final Four that year to become the number one college basketball […]

George Bowl

Marble, Bronze
32" x 12" x 12"

Rosa Levanto marble, hand polished, cast bronze handles. Yeah. Oooh… What do you do with a bowl like that? Buy another? I wish…

Edwards Sliding Doors

Edwards Sliding Doors
Steel, Brass, Patina
9' x 9' x 4" (closed)

These sliding steel winery doors have been aging nicely in the California sun. Exposed sun requires a good deal of maintenance, but looks great. Completely hand made rollers, for that hand made look. When you hold this handle you know you have held a handle of note. This is the mission. I will have to […]

Perry Floor Inlay

Patinated Bronze, Etching

This inlaid etched bronze plaque is the client’s idea of humor- a Medusa blowing at the viewer. This is located in the guest bathroom in front of the commode.

End Table

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Copper, Bronze, Walnut, Enamel
24" x 24" x 18"

Hand=hammered bronze legs, a walnut body, cast bronze handles with enameled ornament… a bronze top… I still love this end table, and it is still proudly in my living room. Want one like it?   This one was designed as a cd case. Now I keep my kids’ school pics in it. Living with art. […]

Bacome Fireplace Doors

Bacome Fireplace Doors
36" x 21"

These rugged steel fireplace doors feature heavy steel grate screens and hand hammered rivet construction. They can be made to fit any opening.  

Bacome Pot Rack

Bacome Pot Rack
6' x 3' x 6'

This beautiful pot rack not only holds pots, it is a chandelier. Look close and you can see the lighting. The old blending perfectly with the new. I wish I could have played all these pots like bells. The world is a bell rack waiting to be rung. Gravity is as gravity does. All good […]

Hufford Fireplace Doors


These doors are representative of doors we have doone for several of our custom fireplaces. We can do doors to fit your fireplace (if it can handle it), or we can do a fireplace to fit the doors you commission from us. Either way, our doors and our surrounds go great together.

Edwards Wall

Edwards Wall
Copper over Wood, Steel
9' x 12' x 2'

This suspended copper wall separates a lobby from a conference room and helps create a welcoming sitting area in this office.


Bronze, Copper, Patina

A national restaurant company tried to launch a new line of Italian restaurants. They opened five, and each time was slightly different than the last. We also did their decorative copper range hoods. In the background of this photo the hood is visible. These panels also functioned as cupboard door handles. This detail of the […]

Bracken Posts

Bronze, Indiana Limestone

These stone and bronze entry posts impose exactly as they are intended to- very. Welcome to a significant place, they say. The bronze lions are inspired by the client’s antique door knockers. You’d think I’d have been sharp enough to have kept a shot of the knockers (not). They look good anyway. Bronze is always […]

Coffee Table

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Bronze, Copper, Walnut, Patina, Sandstone, Chiseled Pyrex, Steel
40" x 59 1'2" x 21"

I trained new assistants how to do the commercial metal work by designing furniture for my house using scraps and pieces from projects that were commissioned. This table has taken residence on my back porch for years. Right now it has a family of kittens under it. Over the years the tp has taken a […]

Kohman Hood

Kohman Hood
Brass, Copper, Patina
42" x 36" x 23"

I have been making decorative metal hoods for years, and I am always struck by how my hand made work contrasts with the commercially available product. No wonder I’m not rich… each of them take time.   Hammered copper goes way back. It lasts through all circumstances, for hundreds of years. An occasional wipe with […]

Coffee Table With Glass Top

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Bronze, Copper, Glass
70" x 32 1/2" x 20"

Yes, the glass is not thin. It’s 1″ thick. Very heavy. The bronze sheet over the wood armature allows for a great deal of creative expression. Playing with weight and gravitational expectations is fun too. I wonder what this thick-walled bronze pipe was originally made for. It’s hard to see in any of these pics, […]

Hoyt-Criner Hood

hoyt-criner hood 16

Often functioning hoods are not aesthetically pleasing, and one good way of handling it is to wrap the functioning hood with a decorative one. The fan and duct work are all hidden behind the hammered brass and copper hood. Maintenance is simple, and copper and brass are known to last for thousands of years.

Copper Coffee Table

Copper over Wood

This very cool coffee table was commissioned to go over a stylized fish-motif area rug. I wish I had a photo of it in place. Alas! We trimmed each leg in copper upholstery nails, and gave each leg a light buffing with scrub pads for a soft look. Furniture is always a pleasure to make.

Crane Hood

Crane Hood
Brass, Bronze, Copper, Patina
48" x 28" x 18"

Every home, modest or fancy, can have a hand made custom range hood. Just imagine one. It;s not out of reach. Bronze and copper. And the client;s desire for a shape like that. What shape do you want?

Edwards Hood

Edwards Hood
5' x 4' x 3'
Stainless Steel, Sheet brass, Cast Bronze

I have worked with a machinist/metalmaster for many years now. we have done several hoods together. I design them, do the finish work, any casting that may be involved, and install them, and Mark does the fabrication in his shop. We make a good team. These cast bronze elements serve no purpose, but they look […]

Edwards Vanity

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Granite, Bronze, Copper, Glass

Inside this metal cabinet is a light that illuminates the glass bowl. One of the panels is also hinged for access.

Edwards Winery Doors

11' x 9' x 4"

The most spectacular doors I’ve ever driven across the country with my son, camping all the way, to install. I’ve long worked with a wonderful metals fellow, Mark, and together we’ve done some very cool things, but this one tops the list. I do the design and the finish, and help when the work needs it, and generally […]