Kelly Rosettes

Kelly flower for stone pillar

  Patterned after originals in Central Park, these rosettes were commissioned by a client with homes in Manhattan and in upper New York State. He commissioned these because he loved the originals in the park and he was having a dry-laid stone wall made for his home, and wanted to customize the posts.   This […]

Dart Lions

Dart Lions 17

Mrs. Dart with the two lions she commissioned as a birthday present for her husband. She said that as they were moving in to their new house (built in the Twenties) he had said something like “if it had a couple lions on the pillars it would be perfect”, so fo years she looked but […]

Thanh Table

Thanh Table
Indiana Limestone
30" x 22" x 22"

This table is now in San Francisco. I am going to see if the designer has shots taken since the project was complete. The designer managed to find a 3/4″ thick glass top. I enjoy traditional challenges. A table base like this works both indoors and out. The lifting pins allow me to raise or […]

Shear Urns

Shear Planter

These limestone planters are hand carved to order; the client’s address is hand carved into the stone.   These carved stone urns feature a reproduction of the historic home’s street address, carved into the limestone entry. Part of the joy of being an artist that specializes in commissions is working with the client to make […]

Lombardi Urns (Back)

Kansas Limestone

These limestone urns are each unique on close inspection. They are based on the concept of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, and the handles reveal the distinctions. This is one of the Air handles. This is the handle on the other side of Air. Water, brilliantly carved by Matthew Palmer. I included this extra shot […]

Lombardi Urns (Front)

Kansas Limestone

These formal urns are based on a Greek original, but are unique and personal to the owners. Each Happy little gargoyle says “good morning” to the home every day. Except the grumpy one. Fun and having fun are a huge part of the commissioning process. Have fun with the process! Nestled in among the leaves, […]

Lombardi Rhytons

Kansas Limestone, Granite
Heads carved by Matthew Palmer in association with Old World Stone Carving.

This patio of Rhyton Tables is one of my earliest large commissions, and it was a blast to explore. Each piece was left to me to conceive, but each was carved by Matthew Palmer. Matthew started working with me when he was nineteen. This was a few years into our association. He’s only gone beyond […]

Thomas Urns

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Indiana Limestone

These beautiful urns and pier caps are much larger than they look here; the post is 4′ square.  These are first turned on a lathe, and then the details are hand carved.

Swanson Bench

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Indiana Limestone, Granite

Over the years I’ve donated many times to charities. My favorite cause is children’s literacy.This client bought my services in a live auction, and this bench is what we came up with.  

Zipper Bench

Indiana Limestone

Outside the Blind Lemon in Cincinnati. Make sense?   I’ve been told that Johnny Cash sat on this bench. How cool is that? Having fun with ideas…  

Gary Patio Set

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Kansas Limestone, Bronze, Copper, Patina, Glass

This outdoor table and bench set has aged well. Almost twenty years strong now. Materials that have been proven to withstand centuries, even used in a very contemporary way, maintain an agelessness that seems at peace with the seasons.

Palmer Bench

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Granite, Limestone, Stainless Steel

I made this bench as a Christmas present for my in law’s. Sporty people, they are. I was thinking of them in the design stage. It’s been years since I’ve seen this bench. I hear it is holding up well. All good.

Mallory Planter

Indiana Limestone

I have done many projects with this couple, and we are still friends. This one was an anniversary gift from the husband to the wife, who is a fantastic gardener. I love that she keeps it so lush.   In the background is the original log cabin, which was moved and rebuilt after the house […]

Shear Glass Top Table

Indiana Limestone
30" x 16" x 16"

I always envision the Great Gatsby when I am here. All the details are attentively addressed, with exquisite detail. Many projects into our many year relationship, I only value his talent more every year. And I am grateful that he values mine, too. May the table always remain level, and seat as many as need […]