Bruck Fireplace

Poplare Wood
3' x 9"

A rare example of a commission in wood. A carpenter did the structural work, and Matthew Palmer and I designed and carved the mantle detail. The home is near an old lighthouse, so we themed the design from there. Herons are common here, and the owner loves herons, so we incorporated them into the lighthouse […]

Reuter Corbels

Reuter Entry
Original design by Dale Johnsson
Indiana Limestone
10' x 2' x 6'

Solid cherry wood, laminated and molded to the basic profile by furniture make Brooke. A little hard to tell from these puics, but the lead stood proud of the matrix. A lot of effort to get that done. In real life it’s worth it. These were published in Columbus Monthly Magazine, as I recall. I […]


48" x 8" x 8"

End Table

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Copper, Bronze, Walnut, Enamel
24" x 24" x 18"

Hand=hammered bronze legs, a walnut body, cast bronze handles with enameled ornament… a bronze top… I still love this end table, and it is still proudly in my living room. Want one like it?   This one was designed as a cd case. Now I keep my kids’ school pics in it. Living with art. […]

Patton Entry

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Polar Wood
16' x 6" x 18"

This entry is based on the images of the various Chakras as provided to me by the client (a yoga instructor). The piece is carved from a single poplar tree, as provided by the client. The negative spaces were first drilled to depth before being shaped. Steve, my assistant for this piece, was deaf. Very […]

Hall Table (Version Two)

Original Design by Dale Johnson
Mahogany, Copper, Bronze, Holly Wood, Marble
8' x 42" x 22"

This piece is a reprise of another table, just rather beefed  up to fit it’s new location. The very white wood legs are Holly; the top, a single slab of Mahogany. Inlaid into the base is a marble receptacle for aromatic wildflowers. It has never been used.


Poplar Wood, Paint
15" tall

I regret not having better pics. These were made for a bar in Indianapolis through a contractor, and I never saw them installed. I’ve always enjoyed wood, but haven’t had a lot of call for it. The expressions were key. I imagine leprechauns are pretty mellow. I can’t remember why this guy had a hammer. […]

Markwood Candle Holders

Designed by architect Phil Markwood
Bronze and Cherry Wood

These candle holders have a heft that augments their seriousness of intent. They separate at the base to allow for portability. Communal ownership of high craft is an important thing, and one of the reasons I like to work for churches. Even though these are heavy and made of wood and metal, there is a […]

Patton Newell Post

Cherry Wood

I have done some wood carving… not a lot… but enough to have great respect for those that are very good at it. I love it when clients ask me to do things that challenge my existing skill set.