Dale Johnson Public Works

Mythical Creatures

Indiana Limestone
7'-6" x 4'-6" x 12"
Lewis Center, Ohio
Delaware County Library System

A local resident left part of her estate to establish a children’s reading garden in the rapidly developing Delaware County Library System. I am honored to have been the first selected. I hope my work inspires young readers for generations to come. I thank the Delaware County Library for their complete gift of artistic freedom. […]

Thurber Garden

Thurber Garden Magazine

This was one of my first public projects. It is still in operation, almost twenty years later. the water flows out of the book and across the split boulder, and disappears. The boulder is suspended on a stainless steel grate that holds the gravel at grade level. This Thurber Dog facing down a butterfly is […]

Butler University Memorial Columbarium

Butler Memorial Bulldog

This is a photo of Blue, Butler University’s mascot. Butler has been a champion basketball team for generations, and I have had the honor of doing several projects for the university. The latest was a columbarium to hold the ashes of all past and future mascots. I was commissioned to do a sculpture for the […]

COSI Capitals

The resoration of COSI' capitals.

What a blast this job was! The capitals on these columns were deteriorating horribly, falling apart, crumbling. Myself and my helper Jack Oliver cut off all the rotten stone, and epoxied and pinned on new stone, and re-carved the new stone to match the old. These capitals are nine feet across. The coolest thing is […]

Easton Cat and Mouse

Indiana Limestone
Indiana Limestone, Bronze

This mouse guarding the downspout didn’t last very long. There’s a good reason downspouts have big open outlets. Despite how cool it was that the indoor cat tried to herald the mouse out. Mousey, mousey? Great idea, but not practical at all. This kind of creativity is no longer encouraged. Stuff has to last, no […]

501 Gargoyle

Indiana Limestone

I spent so much time after my divorce at this club, the only jazz club in Columbus at the time, that I donated this piece to the club. It’s still there and will be for as long as the building exists. Park Street Tavern (at the time the 5:01 club). Blowing my thanks to my […]

Hanover Panthers

Hanover Panthers
Indiana Limestone
Life Size
Hanover University, Indiana

These panthers, one called “Life of the Mind” and one called “Life of the Body”, had to be removed from their original outdoor location due to vandalism. This shot is taken in their present location. The concept and overall design are by Dale Johnson, but the models and carving were done by Matthew Palmer during […]

Holocaust Memorial (Proposal)

To have been marble figures surrounded by wood figures liinked with naval brass wire.

The figures in the center, life-size marble, would have represented a mother and son freshly arrived by train at a camp. black figures would have been carved and scorched wood. The flooring would have been broken limestone slabs to symbolize the roads made of broken tombstones.   Unfortunately, the project never received adequate funding and […]

Hoop Dancer

Hoop Dancer
Steel, Glass, Stone
16' x 6' x 5'

A friend that owns a machine shop called and asked if I wanted some scrap steel, which of course I did, and another friend called and asked if I had a use for a large glass conference table top, which I broke his office and hauled out in pieces. This piece became the result. All […]