Mythical Creatures

Indiana Limestone
7'-6" x 4'-6" x 12"
Lewis Center, Ohio
Delaware County Library System

A local resident left part of her estate to establish a children’s reading garden in the rapidly developing Delaware County Library System. I am honored to have been the first selected. I hope my work inspires young readers for generations to come. I thank the Delaware County Library for their complete gift of artistic freedom. […]

All Life

All Life
Indiana Limestone
8' x 3' x 3' (not including base)
Stainless Steel Bearing

Created for an Integrative wellness center, this piece is designed to be interactive. Viewers can rotate the entire piece on a ball bearing placed under the base. This detail demonstrates the texture, revealing how the forms are “drawn” in space. Piercing all the way through a block of this size is very difficult, but the […]


Chomp Chomp!

  There was something about carving this large apple core that I found relaxing. It was an unusually enjoyable job.   The original model, enlarged 1000% and carved in stone, with a forged steel stem and leaf. Very cool commission. My favorite 1/4″ chisel doing it’s thing on the rough out, right behind Mr. Grinder […]

Downtown Head

downtown head 72

  Angela Meleca Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, hosts Downtown Head and my paintings, including 8-12-2013 in the window. Angela and Dale, after a successful installation. This piece is available. Shipment to anywhere, no problem. The tradition of the colossal head is one that includes all eras and all cultures, and has always been a form […]

First Responders Memorial

Cast and Fabricated Stainless Steel, Granite

I was commissioned to create the focal sculpture for an Ohio park dedicated to our nation’s fallen First Responders. I created hundreds of different images of people doing very ordinary things; all of the poses are the sorts of things we all do every day, from walking the dog to playing a trumpet. I wanted […]

Head and Shoulders

Head and Shoulders
Limestone, Steel, Wood, Oil Paint

This piece was made specifically to be able to get through an ordinary door, and then to get bigger. ┬áScale is everything in sculpture. And a little empathy. Empathy is every thing in sculpture. And a little skill. It doesn’t count if it is a big pile of hogwash. Expressions… captured… are everything. The beginning. […]

Comfest Sculpture

This was Ashley's idea, and several of us made it. Thanks Comfest!

Comfest is a big deal in Columbus, Ohio. Each summer volunteers put on three days of music, activist opportunities, and fun. Last year the organizers decided to add sculpture and asked me to participate. I had these pieces left over from roughing out an earlier piece, and drilled them and glued in steel pins on […]


amazing how strong stainless steel really is

Sandstone lips, slight smile, a bit sexy. Maryann and myself went the quarry and picked out the right block. Maryann wants a lips sculpture, and I have suggested a burgundy sandstone. We had a good time going to the quarry in northeast Ohio, through Amish country. It was a beautiful Fall day. I carved a […]

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Kansas Limestone
7'-6" x 2'-6" x 18"

This is a prime example of carving from a model using the Renaissance measuring tool called the macchianetti di punto. This is me forever, standing on top of it all, carved in stone. And I can do the same for you. Every little bit counts. Accuracy is everything.               […]


Kansas Limestone, Chiselled Pyrex Glass, Cast Bronze, Cast Stainless Steel, Clockworks
84" x 22" x 16"

My brother Dan, has long supported my work He has several of my paintings and a sculpture, and he commissioned this clock. He collects clocks, and he wanted a working stone grandfather clock. I had a blast with this. When I figure out how to share sound on a web site I’ll put up a […]

Sketch King

Sketch King
Stone, Leather, Copper Wire, Steel Wire
7' x 5' x 6'

                                                          For a few years I explored ways of making sculpture that involved no fasteners, adhesives, welding, etc. I combined this with a practice of using the […]


Indiana Limestone, Polished Stainless Steel, Bronze

                                                      This piece greets visitors to Columbus Architecture firm Sullivan/Bruck as they step off the elevator. The mirror-polished stainless steel is very thin gauge, wrapped around a stiffer, cheaper […]

Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider

This project was one of the most personal I’ve done in quite a while; it was commissioned as a gift from a close friend to her best friend. The recipient was a cutting horse enthusiast and rider. This model was presented for approval, and after a few adjustments, was approved. The model, after consultation with […]

Calfee Pot

Calfskin, Plaster, Steel, Thread
7' x 5' x 22"

Completed shortly before I left California in 1989, this piece was made for an invitational show at the American Craft Museum in New York that was never actually held. It was to have been funded by the Dixie Cup company on the theme of “To Drink”, but funding fell through, and the show was cancelled. […]

Love Lies Eternal Here

Love Lies Eternal Here
18' x 4' x 4'
Mirror, Foam, Steel

I have had the pleasure of having mentored several young men along the way, usually talented young people with an interest in the arts, and they want to hang around and see what it’s like. I generally find something for them to do, and often the record is left behind in the form of sculpture. […]

Samarai Heart

Samarai Heart 
Mixed Media
8' x 6' x 4'

                                                          Another piece from my sculpture garden, this piece was fantastic to see on cold winter mornings with the sun catching in the frost on the glass. […]


Marble, Chiselled Pyrex Glass
78" x 22" x 22"

Oh this fragile thing was so beautiful…   The piece had a home from the minute the architect set pencil to paper (as if). This 2 1/4″ pyrex was made for the windshield of the space shuttle. Very expensive. Heat is dissipated… I was able to cut and grind it just like granite. Super dangerous, […]

The Edge of the World

The Edge of the World
Limestone, Wood, Steel, Glass, Plaster
8' x 6' x 5'

This is the last of the constructed series, thus far. It has been outdoors for the last several months, and the rust stains are beginning to form on the stone. My constructed work is, in part, an exploration of occupying space as delicately as heavy materials can. I use traditional materials, like stone, glass, wood, […]


Marble, Wood

The base for this piece is half the former base of the bust of Abraham Lincoln from the Ohio Statehouse. Treating such a formal piece of state-sponsored marble so cavalierly… priceless. Every year the tree’s growth makes me slide the head a bit further from the edge. Slowly, even the most radically far from center […]

Head 4

Photo by Dan Focht
9" x 9" x 7"

These heads are made of native Ohio sandstone found along creek beds. I make it a practice to knock out a head every now and then, just for fun. The idea is to use as little stone removal as possible to find the head; to work with the stone as it has been shaped by […]


Bronze over Wood, Bronze,  chiselled Pyrex Glass, Patina, Etching
48" x 18" x 6"

This piece was made for my daughter, who was excelling in ballet at the time. It’s still hers.   These dancers are silhouettes lifted from Degas pastels. I cut them from bronze sheet.   The etching in the background is a rendition of a Leonardo original painting.

Slipping Glimpser

Slipping Glimpser
Cast and Fabricated Stainless Steel
2' x 18" x 18"

Titled after a quote by own of my favorite artists, Willem DeKooning, this piece has gone through several transformations before it became this piece. I love cast stainless steel in every way. Here the figure is more apparent. I have sculptures scattered throughout my property, and enjoy walking around with visitors when they come. Always […]

Head 3

Sculpture: Dale Johnson. Photo: Dan Focht
Briar Hill Sandstone
10" x 10" x 9"

Playing around again. Finding faces in rocks. Spending a weekend afternoon or two not doing commissions. These pieces are done for me, as a way of relaxing and keeping my artist side involved with the material of stone. I particularly like this one.    

Big Bang

Indiana Limestone
24" x 24" x 12"

This piece is from the mid-nineties. This is an early use of piercing the stone completely through. As long as the stone stays in contact with itself on both ends of a shape, it remains strong. Part of the challenge is the engineering of not having it get too weak. The sound the stone is […]